Apex Legends Mobile Game will be launched this year !!

Apex Legends Mobile game possibly launch around the end of 2020. Recently Rumours regarding this game have been spread all over the Web!! Many Websites, Social Media Accounts, Comments say that this game will give competition to all-time trending PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire.

Apex Legends PC game requires High end PC System requirements so how can we expect Apex Legend Mobile for 1 GB Ram Smartphones??

Expected System Requirements of Apex Legends Mobile game –

  • Ram – 3 GB and Higher
  • Storage – 2 GB
  • Android – Android 5.1.1 and Higher

In Gaming Community the rumours regarding the Apex Legends Mobile game have created many claims that it would be a Paid Game to Install, Some say it will Replace PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty, it would be only for Ios for year 1, and many other claims !!

What we Expect from Apex Legends Mobile game –

However no one can be 100% accurate in telling about the Games beside its Developers. So it is better to wait for the information by the game Developers.

  • It should be a Free-to-play game because most players don’t wish to spend money just to install the game !!
  • It should be a game in Competition to PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile so the System Requirements is expected to be similar to those two.
  • Many Gamers there is a Storage, Battery and Heating problem in their Devices ( everyone Cannot own a High Spec Device ) so They will either uninstall other games or they might not install this game !!
  • A Gamer Cannot play 3-4 Games on their Device. A User usually sticks to only one favourite game so the Developers should work hard in Marketing and creating hype in the gaming community. Especially if they want to Surpass PUBG Mobile Trend !!
  • It may release around October 2020 for Western Countries as Trial and Around December 2020 in Rest of the World.


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