The mobile games are on its Trend and over millions of games are available on the web. Some games are free and some are not!! Since you are looking for free games to play so here we suggest you 12 Best Android Games which are available on google play store which you can play on your Android Smartphones without paying a penny!!

Download Best Free Games available for your Android devices

1) Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a multiplayer board game with the simple carrom game concept. This game includes features like- Multiplayer matches in two modes: Carrom and Disc Pool, Allowing Friends to play, Amazing Physics and Smooth controls, many rewards within the game, Upgrades in Strikers, Allows you to play offline and many good features that make this game really interesting!!

The game is really amazing and you can try this game on your Android device!!

Download for free- Carrom Pool

2) Ludo King

Ludo King is a really amazing game with over 100 million downloads on playstore. This game is easy and simple to play.

Ludo King includes some amazing features like- It can be played both online and offline, Allow upto 6 players in local multiplayer mode, Allow to make apivate game room, allow random people from rest of the world to be your buddy, Use of chats and emojis while playing, Snake and ladder mode also available while playing, many theme options available, etc.
Ludo King is a game that you can play with friends and family member.

Download for free- Ludo King

3) Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is another amazing game with a storyline with some twist n turns!! Be ready to restore the garden to its best (make it beautiful by decorating)

Gardenscapes includes features like- many unique 3 level matches, many gam characters, different areas in the garden with amazing structures!!, Allow to play with Facebook friends, in-game purchase available, you can play this game offline!!

Download for free- Garedenscapes

4) Township

Township is a game where you have a responsibility of building your city and farming on your land. This game includes feeding domestic animals, construction, trade, production and many different activities for which a Town master is responsible!!

Township includes the features like- amazing building structures, different crops, different factories for different productions, feeding domestic animals like cows and hens and later collect milk and eggs, Trading between the products, Internet connection is required in the game, facebook friends can also play with you, in game purchase available and many other amazing features!!

Download for free- Township

5) Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

Garena Free Fire is the survival shooter game available for mobile device. The game allows upto 50 players in a match, in match the players land on a remote island through a parachute, search for weapons and gears and kill other players to survive till the last. You can play this game as a squad and communicate with your teammates during the match. The game has amazing weapons, vehichles, locations and graphics!!

Download for free- Garena Free Fire

6) Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is another popular game with over 1 billion downloads on google playstore. Till now it is the popular game amaond android users!! The concept of the game is that a inspector and his dog is chasing us and we have to run on the track and dodge the trains.

Some features of this game are- colourful and HD graphics, Hoverboard, Jetpack, powerups during the run, Different game characters, in-game purchase available, this game can be played without an internet connection. being one of the popular games, this game is available for free on android devices.

Download for free- Subway Surfers

7) Homescapes

After gardenscapes, Homescapes is another interesting game that that you should try!! Here you have the task to decorate and maintain your home.

The game includes features like- designing the house, unique items, many 3 levels matches, big mansion, different characters, pet at you house, in game purchase, connect with facebook friends, and many more. Everything in this game depends on your creativity!!

Download for free- Homescapes

8) Dr Driving

Dr. Driving is a driving simulation game where you have to drive across the streets with left and right turn, avoiding touching other vehicles. At first this game seems to be easy but its not!! You can play this amazing game online as well as offline on your android devices for free.

Download for free- Dr Driving

9) Sand Balls

Sand Balls is the game where you have to make a path for the colourful balls to your truck!! This game is really addictive ie you cannot resist playing another level after completing a level. It is one of the best android game available for free.

Download for free- Sand Balls

10) Drop Stack Ball

This game is among the most addictive stack fall game for mobile devices.
In this game, your main aim is to help the ball to reach to the lowest platform for the level. To play this game you just have to tap when the stack of same colour tiles appear.

The features of this game- responsive touch, 300+ levels and amazing graphics make it a game addictive and time killer game.

Download for free- Drop Stack Ball

11) Sniper 3D: Fun Offline Gun Shooting Games free

If you love Sniping in games, then this game is made for you!! This game is one among the best free sniper games available for free on android platform. This game includes many interesting missions where you have to Sniper. Sniping a Target in situations like while driving, hidden in a Crowd, running away from Police, will give you enjoyment for sure!!

The features of this game like- Realistic graphics, interesting missions, cool guns, in game purchase, Offline mode for this game makes it best. This is one of the best games and is available for free on Android devices!!

Download for free- Sniper 3d: Fun offline shooting game free

12) Bubble shooter

Bubble shooter is the game where you have to pop the bubbles with you cannon. Break the colouful chain of bubbles with the best aim you could!!

The features of bubble shooter game like- 3000+ levels, daily rewards, challenges, items like bomb and fireball, online and offline mode make this game a good time killer!! This game is available for free on android devices.

Download for free- Bubble Shooter

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