The Best Simulation Games you can download for your Android and Ios Mobile Devices

Looking for the Best Simulation games for your Android and Ios device?? Then this article will help you to decide the best games that you can play!! So basically the Simulation Games can be the games where we have to control and manage the Person to earn a living; Animals to survive; Driving vehicles like- Taxi, Bus, Train, Ship and Airplane; maintaining peace and harmony in the Town and Developing infrastructure in the City.

List of Best Simulation Games for Android and Ios Devices-

So here we tried to include some best games for your device be it google or apple. The Free Simulator games that received a good response in Google Playstore and ios store with their Download Links can be seen below-

1) Fallout Shelter

Ever experienced a post-nuclear life experience?? This is the game where you can build a perfect underground vault, motivate and train the people for their job, transform Useless items to useful items and do other different jobs that can help you to survive in a Wasteland!! The Weapons and Armour in the underground shelter will help you in surviving the post-nuclear life in the city.

Download for Free-

2) Farming simulator 14

Do farming Games fascinate you?? The farming lovers will enjoy the latest Farming Simulator 14 mobile game where the developers tried their best to provide a realistic agriculture experience to the players by providing authentically modelled farming types of equipment in the game.

The game includes- Stunning Graphics, Both Offline and Online Modes, Markets where you can trade your harvest product, Feed Domestic to sell their produce later, Automatic assistant is available to ease your work, many different activities related to Farming and Harvesting and much more features make this one among the best simulation games available for android and ios devices.

Download for Free –

3) Developers Tycoon 2

Ever dream of becoming a Cool freelancer with Game developing skills?? Developers Tycoon 2 allows you to take part in the interesting journey of a Developer. The game is exciting, includes good graphics and sound effects, Challenges and the main part is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to play this Gamedev game!!

Download For Free-

4) Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Ever Dreamt of becoming a Pilot?? If yes, then was your dream successful, You must have not!! Still you can take the plane simulation experience in this Flight Pilot Simulator game. The game is loaded with features including stunning 3D Animation Graphics; variety of aircrafts to fly; fun, emergency and rescue missions and challenges, large map area to explore and many.

The thing makes this among the best simulation games available for ios and android is that it does not require an internet connection and is free to play.

Download for free-

5) Bus Simulator Indonasia

Playing a Simulator game as a Bus Driver in a country like Indonesia will be fun!! Isn’t it? Yep, Bus Simulator Indonesia (2017) is the game where you can explore the Indonesian environment being a virtual bus driver.

The exciting features of this game like- Authentic Indonesian environment to explore; Indonesian Buses to control; 3D Graphics and Sound Effects; Online and Offline modes in the game; Responsive touch control and Simulation experience make this amazing!!

Download for free-

6) Train Simulator

Train Simulator games involve the Decisions and tasks like changing Signals, making ways for departing and arriving trains, maintaining the track free without the delays!! Seems Interesting?

Train Simulator- Free Games is the game where the player is responsible for all tasks that are important in a peaceful railway system. The game provides you with a number of levels and challenges, regions and locations, Easy movement controls, Exciting graphics and animations where the doors of the train can be seen open and closed. So, you are ready to start a journey to become the best simulator train driver!!

Download for free-

7) Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator gives you the experience to control the goat movements by a Human player!! This game is one among the best simulator games ever made so How can we miss such a unique game in this list?

Goat Simulator is free to play a game where you have to do crash, wreck and destroy the items in your surroundings!! This game includes a lot of bugs but developers keep them as a part of this game (that makes this game fun). If you’re looking for new simulation games for your apple ios and Google android devices.

Download for free-

  • Android- Goat Simulator (Size- 1.2gb, Rating- 4.2, Downloads- 10m+)
  • Ios- Goat Simulator (paid now) (Size- 457mb, Rating- 4.4, Downloads- 100k+)

8) Cat simulator

Cat Simulator will literary give you the experience of owning a Cat. Owning a cat is not an easy task, there is a bunch of responsibility to be a CatOwner. You have to prepare food, Cleanliness and Hygiene, play with it, and all other things that a Cat owner do to his/her Pet.

Cat Simulator- and friends game include many different of cats which can be decorated with items like the helmet, hat, glasses, skins and many decorative things to give an attractive took to your cat. The coins and diamonds in-game allow the player to make purchases of these items.

Download for free-

9) Car Simulator 2

Car Simulator 2 game allows you to drive cars in the city where you can be a taxi driver to pick and drop passengers, maintain the car by refueling at gas station, over speeding may lead to penalties, to get rid of penalties/ticket simply bribe the cops.

The game can be played online and offline with over 30 different cars, exciting missions and challenges, bonus and quests and much more stuff where you can make money as a Car Simulator driver in a 3D open world environment!!

Download for free-

10) Truck Simulator- Europe 2

There are many Truck Simulator games available for download but Truck Simulator Europe is better in Quality and engagement. The game gives the real experience of driving a truck in roads and locations of Europe.

The realistic world, different trucks and trailers, ultimate use of physics, AI Traffic system, different weather, day and night experience and smooth controls makes this game addictive. This game has a lot of downloads and 4 plus rating!!

Download for free-

11) Taxi Sim 2020

Taxi Sim 2020 will let your life as a taxi driver driving in the cities of New York, Miami, Rome or Los Angeles, pick n drop the passengers. The Vip Clients, Daily missions, Challenges, Variety of over 30 vehicles to choose from, AI Controlled surrounding and vehicles, changing weather, a large area to explore and drive through, Responsive controls, High 3D Graphics and all other features make this an addictive. If you have time to waste then waste with fun!!

Download for free-

12) Life Simulator 3

Imagine that you are controlling the life of someone in your way!! Get the life simulation experience in Life Simulator 3. The game provides over 130 tasks/jobs from basic work like Dishwashing to quality jobs like Judge, Movie Maker, boat captain or any other job of your wish!! Socialise with friends, go on date, live a move-in relationship.

In short, you can study, change your workplace, buy mansions, become a daily wage worker or a celebrity, go on shopping and buy food to the aeroplane, start a family, manage events, take care of pets and many more things that a human can do in life!!

Download for free-

13) Dream Hospital

Simulation games have no limit, you can even start a hospital, manage the staff, collect fees from patients, maintain stock of medicines, plan and manage the hospital to give your patients the best hospitality!!

The Dream Hospital is a simulator game for android and Ios mobile devices. The game allows to construct treatment, Diagnostic and emergency rooms; send an ambulance to the patients; heal the injuries and diseases of the patients; Keep your patients happy and earn a reputation in Pharmacy Industry.

Download for free-

14) Big City Life

Big City life is the life simulator game where you have to start as a casual worker and move your career to a millionaire businessman!! The game consists of all the humorous things that a human being need in life. You can dress up, eat food, visit the gym, get a car, buy property, do a job for a living and all other stuff.

The features of this game like amazing graphics; open-world concept; endless gameplay; thief simulator mode; the variety of vehicles, characters and buildings; offline mode and good controls makes this game an addictive mob game.

Download for free-

  • Android- Big City Life (Size- 64mb, Rating- 4.3, Downloads- 5m+)
  • Ios- (Big City Life not available for Ios)

15) Dragon Sim Online

Dragon Sim Online is a online simulation game where you have to bring up the dragon family. Raise the dragon from baby to adult and later use them to fight and defeat other players worldwide.

The features of this game like- online real-time multiplayer battle, Simulation concept, customizable dragons, cloud saving, achievements and unlockable items, Day n Night Simulation, 3D world map, Clan wars and other features makes this game exciting. How can we miss this game in the list of best simulation games that can be played on google android and apple ios devices?

Download for free-

16) Transporter Flight Simulator

Transporter Flight Simulator is another amazing aeroplane flight simulator game. Start your career as a beginner pilot and with time become a professional aeroplane pilot!! The game involves real-time physics that would give a realistic feeling.

There are 8 different airports, over 50 routes to fly, variety of aircraft to choose, and various unlockables and achievements during the game. The cool graphics, free to play, offline mode, smooth controls and simulator experience makes this best!!

Download for free-

17) Prison Simulator

Prison Simulator will be a perfect game if you need responsibility for your shoulders. This game allows you to be a Prison governor where you have to maintain discipline in the prison. The prisoners are smart enough to escape under your presence so its good to keep eye on them!! The prisons consistently try their best to escape, create riots or do a hunger strike in your presence, so it will be good to control the game with your smartness.

Download for free-

18) SimCity Built

SimCity Built is a city-building simulator game where you can design your dream city with big buildings, smooth roads, bridges, parks and eye-pleasing infrastructure. In-game you can do production, trade, construction, expansion of territory, and all other activities that take place in a metropolis. The game is not limited to the welfare of citizens but you have the responsibility to protect the city against the monsters and compete with other mayors.

Download for free-

19) City Island 5

Construction of house, bridges, roads and even skyscraper is good in a Simulator game but what if you get a chance to build a whole city with your creativity power!! Yes, this Simulator game includes all features that you need a city simulation game.

City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline game can be played on android as well as Ios devices without an internet connection. In this game, you are not limited to a single city but you can capture other islands by exploring them with your Airships. To build, Upgrade, Collect Rewards, Complete Challenges and build your dream city!!

Download for free-

20) Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is another amazing game with a storyline with some twist n turns!! So be ready to restore, decorate, change the look of your garden with your eye-pleasing creativity (make it beautiful by decorating)

The features of Gardenscapes like- A lot of unique 3 level matches, Many characters, different locations in the garden with amazing structures and artefacts!!, The game can be played with the Facebook friends, in-game purchase available for luxury items and last is that you can play this game offline!! This game deserves to be in the list of best simulation games for android and ios devices.

Download for free-

  • Android- Gardenscapes (Size- 144mb, Rating- 4.2, Downloads- 100m+)
  • Ios- Gardenscapes (Size- 388mb, Rating- 4.5, Downloads- 10m+)

We hope that the best simulation games for android and Ios devices helped you in deciding the games that you can play in your spare hours. For suggestions, Feel free to reach us.

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