Crash Bandicoot: On the Run ended up the Loot Box Culture in 2021


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is the new latest endless runner launched in the gaming market with a wide approach! Unlike other Endless runners, this game has some very new features like different maps, Mini-Boss and Bosses, Multiplayer Mode, Resource Farming and Weapon Crafting to defeat bosses.

Recently King Team announced that they will be introducing over 100 skins for Crash and Coco, mentioning that there will be no Loot Boxes in-game to unlock it. In recent years the Trend of “Loot Boxes” has been introduced in many games where players get random item rewards in exchange for the in-game currency they buy in-game. Many popular games have this system and so gamers feel upset about that! “They believe that it’s a kind of gambling where players need to spend a large amount of money to will specific items in-game since the reward system is based on the possibility

For now the players need to have enough crystals to buy their favourite item and boost up the game progress. The players can get crystals from progress rewards, clan rewards and from paid subscription.

The game has locations including Turtle Woods, The Lost City, Temple Ruins, Dino Might, Sewer or Later, The Lab, Snow Go, Bear it, The Great Gate Also, the Boss Characters like Dingodile, Scorporilla, Mutagen Brio, Nina Cortex, Dr Neo Cortex and Uka Uka that all are inspired by previous games of the Crash Bandicoot Series. Besides this, every boss has different categories like Nitro, Frosty, Inferno and Oxide. Moreover, the characters and locations mention above are just a small portion of the Crash bandicoot Mobile game, since Developers assured that this game will be going to have over 100+ Gameplay hours and 50 Main Boss missions!

The King Team is confident with the Crash Bandicoot: On the Run and hoping it to be the next big game after its release in 2021.

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