EIDA is one of the powerful heroes in Champions Legion 5V5 MOBA with the role of Marksman in the hero lobby!! Here you will get some useful information about Eida. For more detailed information about the game you can checkout Champions Legion and for the hero, it is recommended to visit the official game website for content.


The Halflings originate from the island in the other sea. They are a delicate and wise clan. They are acceptable at specialties, cultivating, and business. They show up in the beach front city-condition of this mainland. Be that as it may, Eida is a special case – she experienced childhood in the timberland of this landmass and was raised by the Wood Elves, who venerated nature.

As she grew up from earliest stages to an exuberant young lady, some baffling force inside her slowly stirred – she could implant the enchantment into the blossom bud and afterward shoot the bloom out with enchantment in a “blast”. Therefore, she turned into the pioneer of the kids, regularly utilizing this capacity to protect companions, rebuffed interlopers, or uncontrolled, vicious monsters.

In the wake of growing up to a specific age, the senior of the Wood Elves who had raised her out of nowhere called Eida to visit an antiquated asylum in the profound timberland. The young lady set off joyfully, yet on the midway, she got the news that the backwoods was being assaulted by the human armed force – indeed, the visit to the asylum was only a reason for the senior to let Eida not be harmed.

Eida quickly chose to turn around, however a unidentified aggressor assaulted her in transit, who uncovered to her the mystery of her introduction to the world. It was said that she was conceived in a group of a part of the Halfling Deer Clan. Her family was from the west coast in a halfling pilgrim business station, subtly guarding a significant yet untouchable old relic for halflings – a bit of enchantment precious stone. At some point, her family was blood-washed by secretive trespassers. Prior to that, her dad had a hunch that the threat was coming, so he depended an old companion, the wood mythical person, to send the recently conceived Eida to the backwoods for cover.

After Eida got away from the assault, she left out and about of retribution and seeking after her mystery. In Champions Legion, Eida is a Marksman type hero which will be a good one to destroy other enemies with her Shooting skills.


  • Natural Charge
  • Bud Bomb
  • Jungle Jump
  • Forest Missile
Natural Charge
Bud Bomb
Jungle Jump

Forest Missile


  • Trinity Power
  • Spellshards
  • Brilliant Blade
  • Lightning Dagger
  • War Boots
Trinity Power
Brilliant Blade
Lightning Dagger

War Boots


In Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA, Eida is a coordinated marksman. She can over and over-utilize Jungle Jump to move around as long as she is assaulting, and with her uninvolved and extreme, her burst harm is likewise exceptionally compromising. Trust that your latent will be prepared, utilize upgraded assault and Ability 2 and improved assault once more, at that point Ability 1 to slow and continually assaulting, if the adversary attempts to run, finish him with Ability 3.

EIDA GAMEPLAY | Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA

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