Frag Pro Shooter Download and Play the Battle Royale Game!!

Frag Pro Shooter game is an online multiplayer battle royale game for Android and Ios Devices. This game is very popular worldwide and it gained about 15 million players within 7 months of its release!!

So before talking more on this and discussing the Tips, Tricks and free rewards. Before you Download Frag Pro Shooter, see that this game has the following ratings and downloads-

However, these downloads are not accurate because google will show 10+ Downloads even the actual Downloads are 30 or 40 million!! The Frag Army is growing with pace and it’s recent may update gave a boost to this game popularity.

The concept of this game is well easy to understand- You and your opponent own a base with 3 Towers each ( 2 Small Tower and 1 Main Tower) and you have to try your best to lower the surviving chances of opponents either by destroying the towers or by destroying the character hero of the opponent. In-game you can fight as 5 vs 5 in the match where each character is unique in its abilities and special powers.

The feature making this game more interesting is the numerous characters with unique abilities of each hero. The game becomes intense with the progress as you definitely find some best competitive players as you reach a higher number of trophies. Besides all this, there are regular events and challenges where you can unlock the best cards, gain coins and diamonds, boost your trophies and get free skins!!

We have covered the following key points-

  1. Maps and Locations in Frag Pro Shooter
  2. Available characters in Frag Pro Shooter
  3. Frag Pro Shooter Gameplay
  4. Frag Pro Shooter Creator Program

Maps and Locations

Now Discussing the maps and location where the match takes place you will not bored be with a single view for the whole game because there are different locations for different arena. Locations including Rio, Tokyo, New York, Decor and St.Petersburg are amazing for your match!!


There are numerous characters in Frag Pro Shooter game, In-fact you can expect a new character launch every month!! The Character heroes can be classified as Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary where Common cards can easily be found (Possibility is 50/100), Rare cards are less commonly found (Possibility is 30/100), Epic Cards are difficult to get (Possibility is 15/100) and Legendary cards are super difficult to get (Possibility is 5/100). Besides this classification, Each Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards can further be categories into Attack, Defense, Center, Camp and Wildcard.

Now, Discussing the characters in Frag Pro Shooter game, you can find the following characters in Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary categories-

Common Cards

There are many Common Character Cards like- Dan, Dr. Frost, Jab, Big Paku, Pocahunter, Eagle Eye, Mecha Knight, Quetza, Cleo, Andrometa, Virus, Fidelio, Cactarina, Lolly Pop, Mr. Doe, Valkia, Vandal, Jay B and many more cards.

Rare Cards

There are many Rare Character Cards like- Jet, SlimeR, Rick Rock, Genkis, Jack ‘El Padre’, Cyber Girl, Vlad, DesperaDOS, Ape-Suit, Prisoner- 99, Cyber Cop, Mimi, Hunter, Blot, DJ Equalizer, Avalanche, Scrapper, Bobbler, Sogeki-Chan, Buck, Vlad and many more.

Epic Cards

There are many Epic Cards like- LongShot, Bot Mama, Amelie, Freez-B, Quarter- BK, Lucha Muerta, Meduza, Smoker, Scout & Nutty, Fraggenstien, BiBi and many more.

Legendary Cards

There are many Legendary Cards like- Volcano, Baron Voodoom, Shino- B, Laika, Striker, GigaGoo and many more.

The game also include the option of in-game purchase where the player can easily buy cards, chest, game coins and diamonds with real money. Like most other online battle games, this game also includes a season pass where the player can get luxury benefits in rewards, unlocks and chests throughout the season!!

Frag Pro Shooter Gameplay

Yep, Characters in game looks Cool, Checkout the following Short Gameplay video for the game to understand more!! This game is evolved every month and you can expect new heros regularly. (Read latest Patch note here)

Join Partner Program for Frag Pro Shooter!!

Frag Pro Shooter game developers also support the players who create content on the game. You can join the Frag Pro Shooter partner program for free here.

Before joining the Frag Pro Shooter program you should qualify following-

  • The participant should be 18+ years
  • At least 500 subscribers and 1000+ Average views
  • 30% Content should be Frag related

To join the Frag Partner Program you can visit Frag Partner Program

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