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how to become a professional gamer

Professional gamer is the one who plays games and earns his living out of it!! In simple terms, he shows his skills, win matches in tournaments, stream games and earn money through sponsors, advertisers and fan donations. This is the period where the craze of becoming a Professional Gamer is at its pace!! The age group of 16-25 is stuck with the idea of pursuing gaming as their career. The main reason for them to become a gamer is to earn a lot of money (up to 1000$ daily) as a donation from their fans and game sponsors.

The real truth for most of them to become a gamer is money, Everyone is inspired by the gamers like Ninja, Shroud, Dynamo, Chocotaco and DrDisrespect who devoted their career to gaming. Everyone knows their Popularity and daily earnings but there is a big struggle behind every successful gamer!! However, we will discuss the struggle of the popular gamers in upcoming posts. In this post, you will get the most relevant tips and suggestions that will help you to become a Professional gamer!!

Becoming a Gamer is not that easy however not impossible so here we covered some points like-

How a Professional Gamer become Professional??

The professional gamers don’t become professional in a day!! All it needs Time, Patience, Gamer Mindset, Resources and the dedication to become a Gamer!! Yep, now discuss in deep that what factors are behind the success of every professional gamer. All so there will some bonus tips in this discussion!!


Time is one main thing that helps a gamer to build their career in Gaming!! Its usually believed that more the videos more the popularity but this might not be true in most cases. The gaming audience loves to see the intense and tough parts where gamer survives with his skills!!

Game can be any game- In Pubg audience loves to see the squad wipes, headshots, intense close combats, Snake kills; In games like Clash of Clans/ Clash Royale/ Frag Pro Shooter the audience loves to see powerful attack on a good enemy base, amazing characters in the deck, the strategy you use to defeat your enemy, the challenges you complete and the in game purchase in the game.

Time taken can be more or less, it may be possible that you try to make world record score or top 100 players in game and this may take weeks or even months.

Dedication for the Game-

A Player cannot become a professional gamer without the dedication towards the game. The player should avoid playing the games if that game is not liked by the gamer. Many gamers play and stream games because of their trend!!

As an example, PUBG is the trending since 2018 and because of this many players till now choose it as the option to become a popular gamer. This may not be true because there are many other games like Call of Duty Mobile, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, Frag Pro Shooter, Brawl Stars and many other alternatives of PUBG. However, if the player likes PUBG and it’s his will to play then no one can stop him.

Development of Skills-

Can a gamer become Pro without Skills? Definitely not!! To become a professional gamer and compete for worldwide gamers, it is better to practice as much as possible. The professional gamers participate in competitions, tournaments and gaming events where the skills are a necessary part of the competition. To become a pro in any game, it may take 3-4 months to develop reflexes, Strategies and understanding the game properly. Once you gained all this, you would be called a pro.

Best example is PUBG where the beginner starts with 2 thumb fingers and with time he/she can play with four finger claw. The pro PUBG players are skilled enough that they know the direction of enemy wheater he/she is upstair, downstair, in left or right direction.

A Mindset like a Gamer-

A Player cannot become good at gaming until he thinks like a gamer!! Yes, this statement sounds weird but an experienced gamer knows what is the enemy next move. Playing for 2 continuous hours daily for a long period will develop the habit of sitting at least for 2 hours every time the gamer sits to play games. A Gamer with enough experience knows how to deal with virtual game characters.

Taking Example- See the Pubg gameplay video of Tacaz (among the best players). You will get to know that he observe the moves of the enemy player and take actions accordingly. If the enemy runs to the house, most chances are that Tacaz will throw the grenade to the first floor because mostly enemies hide on first floor only. If you ask where this mindset come from then it’s from analysing hundreds of enemies who do the same thing.

Avoid Being Stuck at the same level for long-

Professional Gamers become better every day with their game. The main reason for this is the upgrade in their level, the level can be the game, tournaments, rank, winning consistency, the game and engagement by the audience. Show the audience that you are good at your game either by your scores, rank or the interest of you towards the game.

Again taking an example as PUBG where we can see Tacaz making the world record of most kills in 2019 with 42 kills, In 2020 beginning he broke his own world record with 43 kills. Within 1.5 years he gained 3.5 million subscribers and getting 1 million views daily. Even he doesn’t speak and show his face, the audience is attracted because of his gaming skills, the records he made, consistency of is videos. Now think what if Tacaz think that he is popular and instead of uploading daily he starts uploading 3 videos a week, launch his brand merch and focus on its profit, will audience like him?? Will his growth will be affected??

In short, A player should never think that he is perfect/Professional gamer because improvement is always needed.

Participate in Tournaments-

Most of the Professional gamers started their career with scratch!! With limited resources and average performance device. All they have done is shown their presence in the tournaments. Yes, participating in tournaments give the boost to the career of a Gamer. The tournament can be online or offline and paid or free. One tip for the people who want to be a gamer is that they should participate in paid tournaments because it tells that where you actually stand!! The skilled gamers are confident enough to compete with random gamers hence pay the fees for the matches. It’s not necessary to participate in expensive tournaments (10$ to 100$ Fees), you can participate in cheap tournaments (1$ Fees) too!!

Participating regularly in tournaments will tell your presence in the gaming community which is good for them. It’s better to participate in online tournaments that are available for free or at cheap fees. If you are looking for some genuine online tournaments that visit Gamingmonk tournaments.

Games that can help you to become Professional Gamer in 2020??

These games have a scope to make you popular among the online audience!!

  • PUBG (PC and Mobile)
  • Call of Duty Warzone (PC, PS4)
  • Frag Pro Shooter (Mobile)
  • Apex Legends (PC)
  • Minecraft (PC)
  • Online io Games (PC and Mobile)
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X)

There are many more games to choose from!! These are some among them!!

Gain Support from the game creators

Yes!! Many game creators provide support to the gamers who create content for their games. However sometimes its quite difficult to contact to the game company since they dont reply to the mails and sometimes the game developers directly give their creators a opportunity and support to their game players.

Some creator programs where you can directly participate are-

If you are motivated enough then search of other programs and join them 🙂

Stream Games on Social platforms to show your presence

A gamer cannot become popular unless they show their presence!! In this Internet world people are available only online, its hard for them to meet and cheer you personally. There are many social platforms where you can find the gaming audience who will see you, appreciate your work, support you with donations and engage with you!!

Some popular social platforms for Streaming Games-

It is necessary for Gamers to interact with the audience and show their presence in the gaming community so it will be good to stream on the popular social platforms where millions of users interact daily. Following are some best recommendations-

Some Streaming application for Professional game streaming

For professional gamer streaming games from good software is necessary. Following software are best for professional streaming-

Bonus Tips-

  • For Streaming it is better to multi-stream on more than one platform, most streaming software provides this feature but these services are paid.
  • See the gameplay videos of other Professional gamers and try to learn their moves.
  • Play Offline games like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Sniper Elite in either medium or in hard modes.
  • Paid tournaments usually include fewer participants as compared to paid tournaments so it will be good to participate in paid tournaments.
  • The videos that are uploaded should include a good voice over or a commentary that attracts the audience and let them know the reaction of the gamer while playing.
  • Sometimes you may be stuck in certain mission in the game, failing many times in same then it’s better to skip that for now and move on to next.
  • Keep small giveaways if you have the capability to do so because viewers like free stuff.
  • Play with your Audience in team matches.
  • Do Challenges like- 10 missions in one go, 5 Continuous wins challenge in case of online fps matches, 6-hour stream challenge, completing the game in one go challenge and many more challenges (Make Challenges yourself)

Before ending read this short story of a boy who became a professional gamer-

There was a boy who plays games from the age of 5 years, as a child he was motivated to gaming because his dad was in a computer parts business. He used to play games for hours daily on his PC and sharp up his skills. Everyone appreciates his skills of quick and accurate aim. Now he is in the ’20s and made 2,50,000$ just as tournament winnings (Here is the proof). We all know him as Shroud!!

His skills are not a god gift, its all self made 🙂

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