List of Best Open World Games for Mobile Phones

Playing Open World Games is fun!! But most of these games are available for PC only but that does not mean that these games are not available for mobile phones. There are a number of open-world games which are available for mobile devices to download and play.

This time we are going to tell you the list of some best open-world games available for android devices on google play store!!

10 Amazing Open World Games for Mobile phones with their Download Links and their Gameplay Screenshot !!

1) Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

Gangstar New Orleans is an open-world game for mobile phones. In this game, you will get fascinating locations, numerous weapons, tons of explosives and all these things give you full enjoyment!!

The features of this game like- Story missions, Free roam, real like surroundings, Gangs and Cops around the city, gang wars, building own properties, realistic graphics and high-quality sound effects makes this game really interesting to play. You can try this game if you are looking for open-world game experience on your Mobile, then download this game today.

Download for Free- Gangstar New Orleans

2) Evil Lands: Online Action RPG

Evil Lands is an online action RPG game where you have to fight the Evil Monsters, Dragons and Bosses!! This game is available as an open-world game for android smartphones and requires an internet connection to play this game.

The features of this game like- Online Multiplayer fights, modes like cooperative and player vs player mode, amazing maps, locations, quests, numerous characters with their upgrades in skills, good 3D graphics and responsive movements. You can try this game once!!

Download for Free- Evil Lands Online Action RPG

3) GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories is an open-world action game developed by Rockstar games. Be ready to rule in the city where Drug trafficking, Crime, Murders, Misuse of Political power is normal!! This game is available to play on Android devices now!!

Features, this game include – Large map, Attractive Locations, Numerous Weapons and Vehicles, Interesting Storyline, high resolution graphics and smooth controls makes this game really good!!

Download to Play- GTA Liberty City Stories

4) Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA

Dude Theft Wars is an open world concept game with cars, weapons, huge map, but don’t expect realistic graphic experience because the elements of this game are made with blocks ( somewhere similar to Minecraft if you can imagine). This game is available for mobile users on play store.

The features that make this game unique- 3D world, free roam atmosphere, First-person view, shops, Slow motion action clips, numerous cars and weapons and at last the feature of annoying and slapping other people makes it fun!!

Download for Free- Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulation BETA

5) GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the amazing game by Rockstar games that you can play on your PC but now this game is available for mobile phones too!! Everything about the game is game be it a map, locations, characters, weapons, storyline, etc, the only thing changed is controls.

GTA San Andreas for Android is loaded with features like- High-resolution graphics, cloud save support for social club members of rockstar games, 7 language support, compatible with gamepads and the movements and controls made it the easy to play the game. This is one among the best open-world games available for download to mobile users. However you have to play to download this game.

Download to Play- GTA San Andreas

6) GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is another nostalgic game that most you must have played in childhood!! This game is created by Rockstar games and earlier it was available for PC but now available on Mobile also!! The Story, map size, locations, everything is the same, the only change is the controlling device.

This game is featured with- Clear graphics, numerous vehicles and weapons, open-world environment, 1980’s experience, Compatible with game controllers, effective touch response, etc makes this game really entertaining for mobile users. If you want an open-world game in your android device this game is a good option!!

Download to Play- GTA Vice City

7) Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar vegas is another open-world game much similar to Gangstar New Orleans you have seen before. This game is created by Gameloft. The story of this game includes all events from the city called “Vegas” and all you have to do is create your empire and rule the city!! Run over the streets, participate in gang wars, car racing, street fighting and do all you wanted.

This game is packed with features like- free roam, challenges, zombie mode, use tons of weapons, vehicles and explosives, shops available throughout the city where you can buy your stuff and at last some fun for the adult users in bars and clubs!! We recommend you to download and play this open-world mobile games on your Mobile phones today!!

Download for Free- Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

8) Off the road- OTR Open World Driving

Off the Road is an offroad driving simulation game where you would get a large map to explore!! In this open-world game, you can drive on hills, desert, slopes, even you can get into Boats and Helicopters!! So be ready to explore new locations on the map!!

This game is fully loaded with features like- Open world concept, Simulator experience, Challenges, Transportation and Construction work available, Vehicles like- Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, the beautiful landscapes, Challenges to complete, upgrades for vehicles and many more you can do in this game!!

Download for Free- Off the road- OTR Open World Driving

9) GTA 3

GTA 3 is another game developed by Rockstar games and is based on an open-world concept. This game is full of action, adventure and crime in the city. In-game, you will get numerous vehicles, Guns, explosives. The dark world storyline will fascinate you for sure!!

GTA 3 comes with some cool features that make it different from other games- Stunning graphics, high resolution, responsive controls, USB controller support, 6 language support and clear sound effects made this game really interesting one.

Download to Play- GTA 3

10) Zaptiye: Open World Action Adventure

Zaptiye is an open world action-adventure RPG game that you can play on your mobile phones now!! The concept of this game is of the 19th century (around World War 1). We can see the characters, the atmosphere, vehicles, guns and other things a bit old!!

The features of this game like- Open world concept, Good Storyline, Horse riding, Intense Combat with Assassins, gangs and thefts, Sidequests, Shops to buy, huge map and its historical connection makes this game a fun game to play!!

Download for Free- Zaptiye: Open World Action Adventure

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