Lucky Man get 5 Units of Sony Playstation 5 including FREE Units

The demand for Sony’s latest next-gen gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is so high that the first stock of this console was sold out only in few minutes. In this extreme demand people hardly able to get a PS5 for themselves! But there is an exciting story of a lucky man who is able to get 5 units of PlayStation 5 consoles for himself.

As per sources, a man named Harry Smith is a big fan of Sony PlayStation Series, and for the new PS5 he was too excited that tried ordering from all his email ids. Harry told ” I was ready for the purchase of this PS5 in the first launch, I only need two consoles for me and my brother, but somehow I managed to get 5 quantity at the price of 2 units”

He also told he ordered 2 units of PS5 and 3 units of Controllers, but instead, he received 5 units PS5 in different dates. At first, anyone in the world will think to keep them all or sell the extra 3 consoles, but this man returned the order stating it as wrong delivery. According to Harry, he is earning well and keeping 3 extra console makes no sense to him. Harry Smith lives in Bristol, UK and people are appreciating his kindness.

The demand for the next-gen console is still very high and gamers around the world are trying their best to get one for themself. Moreover, The release of most hyped Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla made people crazy to buy PS5 especially the gamers. Till now more than 1.5 units for Playstations have been sold worldwide and the Next sale for Sony Playstation is expected to be in the First week of January 2021

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