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Memphis is one of the powerful heroes in Champions Legion 5V5 MOBA with the role of Support in the hero lobby!! Here you will get some useful information about Memphis. For more detailed information about the game you can checkout Champions Legion and for the hero, it is recommended to visit the official game website for content.


He originated from a sort of old human advancement from another landmass. During his lifetime, he was a trooper who had been chosen by numerous levels and would kick the bucket for the divine beings willfully. At that point was underlying the Colossus of the sanctuary with his spirit as its center.

At the last snapshot of the antiquated human advancement, he was stirred to confront the attack emergency of adversaries. He turned into a monster warrior with a physical body to accomplish his unique wish – to battle for the divine beings.

In any case, he was as yet incapable to spare his nation and the divine beings after the wicked fight. At the point when the adversary attacked the sanctuary, he got the segment and made the sanctuary breakdown to cover himself along with the foe. Simultaneously, he concealed the mystery of the sanctuary.

The archeological group sent by the Argent Tower toward the Western Continent unearthed this goliath sculpture from the vestiges of an antiquated human advancement. They named it Memphis as per the uncovering site. He was dispatched back to Silver Tower central command in the Freeport. At a workshop held by the Department of Archeology of the Argent Tower, a second rate class entertainer student coincidentally recited a mantra – and stirred the monster who had been dozing for a great many years.

In the wake of being stirred, Memphis attempted to “realize” how to discover “an occupation” in the Argent Tower, however, this didn’t influence his definitive objective in any capacity. To discover antiquated force at odds with the period on the territory far away from his old neighbourhood, and to recreation contact with his divine beings. In Champions Legion, Memphis is a Support type hero which will be a good one to destroy other enemies with his Spear/Sword.


  • Millennium Power
  • Sacred Sweep
  • Landslide
  • Immemorial Asylum
Millennium Power
Sacred Sweep
Immemorial Asylum


  1. Vulcan Armor
  2. Lionheart Cuirass
  3. Thorns Armor
  4. Prophet’s Cape
  5. Ice Walker
  6. Resistance Boots
Vulcan Armor
Lionheart Cuirass
Thorns Armor
Prophet’s Cape
Ice Walker

Resistance Boots


In Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA, Memphis is a massive Tank. He is truly adept at shielding others from dangers and retaining harm. His Landslide is likewise valuable while ganking unware adversary. Use Ability 2 to charge in, Ability 1 for harm, at that point use Ability 3 and frenzy around, make sure to slow your objective with improved assault. On the off chance that you draw near to adversaries, you can likewise utilize Flash and Ability 2 to push him to your group, at that point Ability 1 to keep him from getting away, while partners center him down.

MEMPHIS GAMEPLAY | Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA

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