Mikal is one of the powerful heroes in Champions Legion 5V5 MOBA with the role of Tank in the hero lobby!! Here you will get some useful information about Mikal. For more detailed information about the game you can checkout Champions Legion and for the hero, it is recommended to visit the official game website for content.


As the sovereign of the Dorieia Kingdom (the most impressive human realm on the land and the state religion is the Luminous Curia), he was sent to the Curia to be a knight under it when he was a youngster, left his folks and sibling. He experienced childhood in the Knights and turned into the central knight. His steadfastness and quality were the best among his age.

Inside the Dorieia Kingdom, in any case, the force battle between the congregation and the regal family increased. At the point when his dad (the King) turned out to be truly sick, the subject of progression (really a definitive intensity of realm) emerged. As the oldest child, Mikal surrendered his entitlement to the seat – devoted to light and equity, serving his goals as a Knight for the entire life.

However, soon, the Curia uncovered a stunning plot – Mikal’s more youthful sibling, the current beneficiary. Presently the beneficiary to the seat is a mystery adherent of the “”Doomsday Savior”” faction, and plans to topple the Luminous Curia after he rises the seat to the seat, and honor the profound confidence of the “”God of things to come””. As the plot was revealed, the more youthful sibling fled Dorieia, changed his name to Alastor, and turned into a foe of the country and the Curia.

So Mikal had pushed back to the situation of beneficiary to the realm once more. His dad was on his deathbed, looking as Mikal was going to be delegated. Be that as it may, he chose to allow his to mother (the Queen) as official, Mikal himself, lead the first class knights to chase down Alastor. Anyway, he actually would like to spare his sibling. Sovereign Mikal is absent in a fight – and now the entire realm, the congregation, and the hanging seat are sitting tight for his return. In Champions Legion, Brunhild is a Warrior type hero which will be a good one to destroy other enemies with her weapons.


  • Holy Faith
  • Justice Assault
  • Retribution Halo
  • Heaven Punishment
Holy Faith
Justice Assault
Retribution Halo
Heaven Punishment


  1. Vulcan Armor
  2. Umbra Axe
  3. Lionheart Cuirass
  4. Prophet’s Cape
  5. Resistance Boots
  6. Ice Walker
Vulcan Armor
Umbra Axe
Lionheart Cuirass
Prophet’s Cape
Resistance Boots

Ice Walker


In Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA, Mikal is a Tanky Fighter with great equalization in harm and survivability. He charges in, bargain harm with Retribution Halo, and complete the process of biting the dust foe with extreme. Utilizations Ability 1 to charge in, Ability 2 and assaults to bargain harm, at that point Ability 3 to execute low wellbeing foe.

MIKAL GAMEPLAY | Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA

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