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Morus is one of the powerful heroes in Champions Legion 5V5 MOBA with the role of Mage in the hero lobby!! Here you will get some useful information about Morus. For more detailed information about the game you can checkout Champions Legion and for the hero, it is recommended to visit the official game website for content.


Morus was not his genuine name. He is a student of Argent Tower. His lord was a wizard of manikin controlling in Argent Tower, however he was doing the taboo analysis – infusing living spirits into manikins to make the most impressive one. His lord left Argent Tower to proceed with his exploration, and Morus, along with the lesser individual disciple, decided to follow their lord.

His ability was average, yet his lord didn’t support that more astute however more insult junior individual disciple. So the lesser got an arrangement.

The lesser planned a fabrication. He allured Morus to utilize an antiquated gem to duplicate his spirit and infused it into a manikin. This analysis will prompt the scattering of his spirit. Without acknowledging it, he played out the custom. With the blast of the over-burden precious stone, his spirit was part, a lot of it straightforwardly dispersed, while another fragmented part unearthed the body of the manikin.

The lesser needed to accept the open door to transform Morus into his manikin however didn’t expect that he fizzled. The manikin’s hands inadvertently handle a bit of that antiquated precious stone. The section likewise put away aspect of the split soul, which appears to shield him from the lesser’s spell. In the wake of slaughtering the lesser individual in an anger, he fled.

Subsequent to getting away, he joined the Doomsday Savior, wanting to get an opportunity to remake his body with the assistance of the “Lord of the Future” after the world is devastated and renewed.

Since the spirit is inadequate, there is a feeling of disharmony in his considerations and activities. The section of gem, with an aspect of his spirit, was made to be a charm and worn on his chest. In Champions Legion, Morus is a Mage type hero which will be a good one to destroy other enemies with her magical skills.


  • Chaos Blessing
  • Abyss Blast
  • Midnight Pendule
  • Doom Coming
Chaos Blessing
Abyss Blast
Midnight Pendule

Doom Coming


  1. Staff Of Time
  2. Torture Mask
  3. Wizard Wand
  4. God Eater
  5. Enchanted Kicks
  6. Dominator Staff
Staff Of Time
Torture Mask
Wizard Wand
God Eater
Enchanted Kicks

Dominator Staff


In Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA, Morus is a mage jungler with astounding ganking and group battle capacity. With a decent pointed extreme, he can bring tumult and crush the foe group right away. Use Ability 3 to stir something up, Ability 2 to prevent foes from running and retaliating. Following a couple of moments, when your detached develops, utilize your improved assault and Ability 1 too to bargain huge amounts of AOE harm.

MORUS GAMEPLAY | Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA

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