World Record with 107 Kills by Call of Duty: Warzone Squad Match

Bartonologist and Team made a Call of Duty Warzone World Record with 107 Kills in a Match

Recently a Game Streaming Channel “Bartonologist” claims that he with his teammates made a Call of Duty: Warzone World Record ( COD Warzone world record ) with 107 Kills in a Squad team match. It can be a new World Record of 107 Kills ( Breaking the previous record of 100 Kills by Lymaax and Team ) where the Team Players scored-

(a) [Live]Kekoa (28 Kills and Damage 9356)

(b) Bartonologist (30 Kills and Damage 9300)

(c) [HoHo]RussDaddy (22 Kills and Damage 6156)

(d) [twtch]BryanThejet (27 Kills and Damage 7994)

Some Screenshots

Starting of the Game
Somewhere in Middle of Match
At the Border
Near the End of the Match
Scores of the Teammates


The Trend of World Records in Call of Duty: Warzone-

This world record is not new in Call of Duty warzone, before this many record have been made and broked. The world records in Solo, Duo, Trio and Squad have already been made but this record breaks the earlier Squad record of 100 Kills.

This can be the Call of Duty: Warzone World Record from now (6 April 2020) Since no other Gamer yet claimed to Break this record!!

However, it’s just a Beginning, we expect more amazing Call of Duty: Warzone (or COD Warzone ) World Record in future!!

About Call of Duty: Warzone-

Call of Duty Warzone is Open World Game for PC. This is an online multiplayer game and is available for free to play. Before you download, be aware that this game is about 80 GB and requires a Good performance PC ( at least 8gb ram and i5 processor) to run it lag-free. To Know about the Call of Duty Warzone game, System Requirements, Tips and Tricks and Download Link you can Read More

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