PS5 is the upcoming gaming console which is surely bring a drastic change in gaming community! Most gamers are waiting for the release of this new Playsyation. But you know the price of this next gen console?

Global version of PS5 are available in two varients-

  • Playstation 5 (Standard Edition) – $499
  • Playstation 5 (Digital Edition)- $399

What about India?

Gaming Community in India is increasing and surely many are eagerly waiting for this next-gen 8K Console! In India the Price of PS5 is much more than the global price (here is the source)

  • Playstation 5 (Standard Edition) – Rs 49990 (673$)
  • Playstation 5 (Digital Edition) – Rs 39990 (538.37$)

If Official Amazon Site show that price then this 8K Gaming Console gonna be really expensive for Indian people!

The difference between two of these consoles will be- 174$ in Standard Variant and 139$ in Digital Variant. Price difference no doubt to large enough to force Indian players to import PS5 for other countries. What do you think of this pricing?

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