PUBG Mobile Domination World Record with 96 Kills | Parth Sarthy

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PUBG Mobile Domination mode is really exciting and since the launch of Domination mode, many players to score record kills in a match. This time the previous record of 85 kills (by Ethan) is replaced by the new score of 96 Kills by Parth Sarthy who had experience in holding previous records in PUBG Mobile Domination Match.

Parth Sarthy is Indian Pubg Player in this early 20’s and owns good skills in Pubg Mobile specifically in Pubg Domination Mode. He recently started uploading videos on his youtube channel and before this he was just playing Pubg mobile without being aware of the records he actually made!!

He has earlier made records of 60 and 63 Kills that are equal to the records that Panda (a Popular Pubg Player) actually made. However he was not aware of that these can be the world records by him!!

60 Kills

63 Kills

71 Kills

96 Kills

This record competition is all started by Panda who claimed to hold the record of 60 kills in 2019, till then the records replaced in the series of- 63 Kills by Panda, 71 Kills by Parth Sarthy, 78 Kills by Zegna Mike, 85 Kills by Ethan and this time the record is 96 Kills again.


In this match, Parth shows how dominant he actually is over the enemy squad. The score of Parth is more than the Sum of Scores of Enemy team and Scores of remaining three Teammates.

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