PUBG Mobile Lite: Know About the Game!!

PUBG Mobile Lite is a simple version of the popular PUBG Mobile!! The gaming experience you get here is much similar to PUBG Mobile but the main concept of this game is to attract the audience that earlier could not run PUBG Mobile due to Ram, Storage, Heating and other reasons. Its no way less than PUBG Mobile instead it attracted PUBG Mobile audience too!!

So after reading the above, you might think about how it is different from PUBG Mobile?? So in PUBG Mobile lite, the developers tried their best to give the best possible user experience to those who don’t have a high spec smartphone. This game includes 60 players in the match and most weapons that are available in PUBG Mobile. This game can be Played on 1 GB ram Smartphones (2GB recommended) and require storage of around 500 MB. The game comes with regular updates and day by day the game is improving!! PUBG Developers tried their best to give the Erangle map like experience

Now, from where to download the PUBG Mobile Lite??

We have attached the links from where you can download PUBG Mobile Lite for Android (play store) if that does not work then use PUBG Mobile Lite from apk (apkpure).

Some Screenshots

Some Tips and Tricks –

  • Land a Good Spot –
    If you start a Match then you can only win if you survived in the beginning. So if you are a Beginner it’s better to stay away from the areas where professional players land. So if you are new, Try to land far from the Locations where the Plane crosses. Don’t worry, with time your combat skills will improve and you can push even a squad ;). Remember- Time improves Everything !!
  • Run Away from Getting Killed Early –
    If you have landed and has no weapon with you and you hear footsteps near you then try running away to avoid him to see you. We know its quite coward move but a survivor should do all he could do 🙂 Also, Pick up all you could see when you land even the sickle.
  • Use eyes feature to view around you –
    While running in the Fields (open area) most players only see the front view, that’s not enough !! You can easily get killed from behind. Remember- Snakes are Everywhere. Also if you plan to Stay at a House for long then close all doors and keep eyes in all directions.
  • Don’t Discount The Pistol –
    Many times it happen that you are out of Ammo or You are reloading, so instead ignoring Pistol use it !! Remember- Most Kills in Beginning are from Pistols and Shotguns
  • It’s Better to Change The Armor –
    Instead of using a Damaged Level 3 Armor, Switch to the New Level 2 Armor. Isn’t that better choice ??
  • Find Your Weapon and Stick With It –
    If you get a Weapon with the best attachment then its better to stick with that !! eg- If you have M416 with the suppressor, extended mag, 300+ Ammo and 2x Scope then it’s better to use it further instead of switching to Awm in the Drop.
  • When In Combat, Don’t be Straight –
    When you are in Combat area then instead of going straight, Try to go while in Jumping, Couching and Zigzag position.
  • Never Lie Down when Someone Sniper you –
    When someone uses Sniper on you, Then its better to run in Zigzag and while Jumping and find a Safe Point. The Fact is that a Sniper always try for Headshot (Everyone’s wants a Headshot with their First Sniper, it’s their Dream). Don’t be a Snake and increase your Health if you get sniped in first shot because that is the mistake that everyone makes !!
  • Use Headphones while Playing –
    Sound plays an important role in the PUBG Game. If you analyse then you would know that each footstep sound is different !! The sound of Footsteps when Enemy is on the upper floor, Lower Floor, Outside House, Close, Far, etc the sound is different for each of them !!
  • Wait For The Right Chances to Attack –
    When you are in sight of the enemy then always try to attack seeing the right moment !! By the right moment we mean, the chance when the enemy is reloading, using energy drink or painkillers, reviving the teammates, etc. instead of using bullets in aimless shots use them wisely.
  • Stay inside during Red Zone –
    In red zone are most of you roam outside the buildings, that’s not right !! Many times it happens that a Squad moves in the Car and Bomb kills all of them. Red Zone is just for a minute so be mindful there !!
  • Stay at The Edge Of Blue Zone Circle –
    Going with the boundary of the Bluezone circle is better rather than staying in Middle of the circle. In the Last 10 Alive Players, this Strategy will be really helpful to you.
  • Run Without The Weapon –
    If you’re running towards the safe zone or running away from combat, put your weapons away. This will significantly increase your running speed.
  • Use Better Vehicles –
    Always try to use the Car or Jeep instead of Bike or the Three-seater scooter. If you are outside of the zone and Had to cover a long distance and you see a three-wheel scooter, then Burst its third tire, it improves its balance and control !!
  • Air Drops are Good but not the Best –
    The Air Drops you see is good but not best. If you see the Drop, Don’t run towards it instead of that kill those who come to loot the drop. Best Time to loot the Drop is when its Colour Smoke ends.
  • Play PUBG with Friends –
    Playing PUBG is Fun when you play that as Squad because the Real fun lies with the Friends. Strangers might not Risk their Game to revive you but your friend can help that time. Share med kits, Ammo, Attachments, etc and show team spirit.
  • Change Graphics Quality according to the Device –
    Playing in Low graphics is better rather than playing in High Graphics with Lags. However, if your Device is really good then setup every setting to the best you can.
  • Use Peek and Fire option in the Settings –
    Using peek and Fire is a good option when you are Sniping. In this Option, you will only expose your Head, not your whole body.
  • Use the Loot where Necessary –
    Many Players collects good items (medkits, adrenaline injection, etc) throughout the game and at last, an enemy kills them and loot all !! Instead of saving them for last of the game, use them.
  • Avoid Looting the Crates During Last Minuit –
    Looting Crates is good during the match but not advisable in the last circle so it’s better to stay away from looting unless very necessary!!
  • Make Change in Buttons Size and Transparency
    It’s better to Change the Buttons Size, Position and Transparency for the better controls



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