STYX is one of the powerful heroes in Champions Legion 5V5 MOBA with the role of Assassin in the hero lobby!! Here you will get some useful information about STYX. For more detailed information about the game you can checkout Champions Legion and for the hero, it is recommended to visit the official game website for content.


He was an individual from the Midnight Order, which is a professional killer association. He is an effective, inhumane professional killer with the name “Styx”. Once, he was sent to do a basic mission. Nonetheless, he was unintentionally trapped in a snare and secured in a chamber. It worked out that he was chosen to be an analyzer by the Order. He didn’t realize that he would take an interest in a mystery trial of making soul warriors. Portions of his spirit were taken out and placed into a spirit sharp edge. At that point he lost his awareness. He woke up for the sake of the Order, fell into a condition of amnesia due to the wrecked soul. In any case, a sort of intuition drove him to discover and retake the weapon that put pieces of his spirit. A ton of professional killers of the Order amassed towards him and attempted to execute him. He battled out and left the Order. That spirit cutting edge has infused portions of his spirit yet in addition put an aspect of the antiquated monster’s blood. So when he utilizes it, he will resound with the spirit edge and transforms into a homicidal and merciless state. In any case, this sort of state can’t last a lot. Something else, his spirit will continue bubbling till vanish – which will bring ceaselessly his life. He remains quiet and lively in normal yet now and then falls into pity and even sort of anxiety also. During his meandering time, he recouped a portion of his recollections. But since of the messed up and redesigned soul, he despised or even dismissed his past life as an executioner. What controls him currently is the craving to endure and the want to back to an ordinary life. He ordinarily seals the spirit weapon while continually evades individuals who are attempting to kill him (counting the Midnight Order, the Doomsday Savior, or individuals from the Luminous Curia who treat him as a sin). He won’t return this force that will make him insane in the event that it needs to. In his perpetual getting away from life, he came to Darkrealm City. The Queen of the Darkrealm City guaranteed that they would secure him and discover approaches to fix his spirit, yet in return, he needed to do some risky missions for them. In Champions Legion, Styx is a Assassin type hero which will be good one to destroy other enemies.


  • Assassination Proficient
  • Shadowless Body
  • Styx Prey
  • Soulburn
Assassination Proficient
Shadowless Body
Styx Prey


  • Shieldbreaker
  • Brilliant Blade
  • Trinity Power
  • Triumph Wing
  • Beastking Horn
  • Hermes’ Select

Brilliant Blade
Trinity Power
Triumph Wing
Hermes’ Select


In Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA, Kyouya is a Warrior who massively depends on the precision of his capacities, he is deft and ground-breaking on the off chance that you can land every one of his capacities well. Trust that an adversary will assault you, use Ability 3 to it when the assault is going to land at you, so you can immediately counter-assault, at that point use Ability 2 to draw near, Ability 1 and your assaults to slice the objective down.

STYX GAMEPLAY | Champions Legion 5v5 MOBA

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