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League of Legends Wild Rift is latest MOBA game for android and Ios devices and one of the best! League of Legends can be played on both Android and Ios Mobile devices. The graphics of game are really good and game supports upto 60 FPS settings while playing. But there is a trick or Method with which FPS upto 120 can be unlocked!

Let’s see what is FPS and the Steps to unlock the experimental 90/120 FPS feature-

What is FPS?

Frame Rate per Second (or FPS) is the frequency rate at which consecutive images (Frames) are produced on the display. To get Idea of how frame rates for in gaming, just remember higher the frame rate, smoother will be the experience and vise versa in case of low frame rates.

Steps in how to unlock 120 FPS in League of Legends Wild rift-

  1. Access the Internal Storage of mobile device by connecting it to PC.
  2. Locate to the files folder in Internal Storage.
  3. Click and Go to the folder-
    • Android > data > com.riotgames.league.wildrift > files > SaveData > Local
  4. Find the folder that contains only the “Setting” file. (There should be two folders with numbers as the file name)
  5. Click and Copy the “Setting” file and paste it on the main desktop.
  6. Click and Open the “Settings” file with a text editor (Notepad recommended)
  7. In next step find the text line that says “frequencyMode”:false/true,”
  8. Now, Replace (false/true) value with a one-digit number of your choice, Following are the corresponding numbers for each frame settings that works:
    • 0 – 30 FPS
    • 1 – 60 FPS
    • 2 – 90 FPS
    • 3 – 120FPS
      As Example: To unlock the frame settings to 120 FPS, Change the text to “frequencyMode”:3
  9. At last, Save the file, Copy it back and overwrite the “Setting” file.
  10. Launch the game.

NOTE- (Before Trying the Method)

This is only a experiment and this only works on phones that support 90 to 120 FPS. The Device which does not support FPS more than 60, it will get FPS between 61-65. For those who cannot connect the Mobile device with PC can do the same thing by using a Mobile application- “Tasker” (In PC Method the same procedure needs to be followed everytime the game is launched but using the application “Tasker” the files will replace automatically when the game is launched)

To know the method to Download the game click here

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