Why we have only 2 CPU Processor Brands? Intel and AMD

why only intel and amd processor

The CPU processor matters a lot when we need a PC for Gaming! So if you go and look for a good processor, then you will find many varieties under i3, i5, i7, i9, AMD ryzen 3, AMD ryzen 5, AMD ryzen 7, AMD ryzen 9 processors. What about variety in Brands? Why only Intel and AMD? Why other brands don’t enter the competition?

To understand why there are only two CPU options, we have to go few decades back when the first PC first from IBM personal computer decided to chose the intel 8088 CPU to power their PC invention,which was based on the x86 instruction set.

After this the IBM grew and a massive growth rate which in return made Intel a best CPU Processor brand in market! The situation was like, IBM computers are well built and offer a great value of money that time. Due to this, the software developers are interested in developing programs for IBM machines which utilize x86, As result many other brands were pushed out of competition in computer market.

Soon Intel became a powerful brand in category of Microcomputer CPU, even they licensed out x86 architecture to other companies.
and push lots of its competitors out of the market because it was a versatile,well built computer that offered great value for money at the same time.this meant that software developers wanted to write programs for the ibm pc and compatible that utilize x86 CPUs.

Later, Intel distributed its x86 license among various companies including AMD and Cyrix. AMD being a Licensee company with Intel later became closes Rivals of Intel in the market till now!

So there is now other brands tried to compete Intel? Yes there was one company CYRIX that tried giving competition to Intel in 1990s with its promising performance chips which somehow not worked that well in market.

So at last we all are left with only two major processor brands that stand in market ie- Intel and AMD. (You can see the following video for visuals)

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