Why Players Think Mobile Games are Bad?

are mobile games bad for players

There has always been a wave of hate towards Mobile games be it Android or Ios. There really are a lot of reasons why folks hate mobile games and consider PC games better than those! Lets Discuss:

Mobile games are Copy Cats-

Many mobile games are not really games at all. While there are some wonderful Mobile games with fantastic gameplay but on other side there are plenty of mobile games using gameplay that is average. We can find so many types of games that are similar to each other. For Example: Subway Surfers and Temple Run have been the popular Endless Running Mobile games of all time but copying these many games were launched like Subway Princess Runner, Cat Runner, Pet Run, Street Chaser, Temple Jungle Prince Run, Spirit Run and many more!!

Mobile games only need Money-

Many Mobile games are pay-to-win where you cannot succeed if you don’t spend money. Some are pay-to-wait at which the game throws constant time challenges in you in an attempt to wear you down so that you invest in money. Others contain aspects of betting such as loot boxes. The most significant and most successful however are typical of the aforementioned and the results they will have on people are all disgusting.

A lot of these strategies have now made their way into proper games destroying their gameplay and style therefore that publication can squeeze more cash out of them. One Good Example can be a game FRAG Pro Shooter which was really great game during its first 1st Year of launch with limited in game Ads and Microtransactions but now then same game is full of Ads which made the players loosing their interest.

Mobile Games rely on False Advertisment-

The Advertisment Mobile games show is totally Fake! The content shown in Advertisment is no where close to the game. The Example can be games like Gardenscape and Lords Mobile, who spend a lot on their False Advertisment to increase their downloads.

Mobile games Affecting the Minor Players-

Mobile games and their exploitative game design philosophy tend to be directed toward children due to their bad impulse control and understanding of value. This has got the dual effects of upsetting parents as it hurts their children while also filling the games with kiddies ruining the experience for other players. A good example can be PUBG Mobile games where the children become so much addicted among teenagers that they play same game for hours which effect their health, spend their parents money on Pass and, Buying Loot Boxes just for their favourite Skin.


Not every mobile game is bad, it depends on Player interest, In game User Interface, Game category and many other factors. Some mobile games are really good to play but majority of games are just copy cats, money targeted and cringe. On Positive Side the Mobile game have Widenn the boundary for scope of Esports and we already started getting mobile versions of popular PC Esports games PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Valorant Mobile and more upcoming!

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